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Store Owner Gets Burglar’s Attention With .22 Semi-Automatic

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A Minnesota man stopped a would-be burglar early on Father’s Day, holding him at gunpoint until police arrived.

Kert Wright and his wife VeAnn were at their Red Lake Falls, Minn. consignment shop, where they also live, when they heard an intruder breaking in.

Wright confronted the burglar, who then attacked.

“Yeah, he turned around, came up over my arm and hit me with a…I didn’t know what at the time,” Wright told Valley News Live. “Later I found out it was a flashlight.”

But the burglar, a 16 year-old, was outmatched.

“That’s a .22 semi-automatic Luger,” Wright says he told the burglar.

“As fast as you pull the trigger it will shoot 10 shots,” he told Valley News.

At that point, Wright says the burglar started listening.

“I grabbed him and threw him down here on the floor. I got on top of him and said don’t you move and I said a few other choice words I shouldn’t repeat.”

While Kert Wright was holding the burglar at attention, wife VeAnn called 911.

The 16 year-old is charged with first degree burglary.

“Something has got to happen,” said Wright. “This is ridiculous for people to start doing this stuff. I hate to say it, but maybe somebody needs to get shot once in awhile. Maybe they’ll stop breaking into people’s houses, because they break into people’s homes quite a bit here.”

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