Gaslighting the GOPs, Part 2?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Mad Non-Libs: One thing President Obama is good at is baiting Republicans. I’m not sure he’s not at it again with immigration.

Obama’s pointedly not doing much of anything about the crisis of illegal immigrants from Central America crossing into South Texas, arguably caused by their not unjustified expectations of amnesty. Far from taking Hillary’s semi-tough  advice (“They should be sent back …”) Obama actually met with the previous generation of illegals — the so-called DREAMers, now glorified as “Champions of Change” — in the White House. There’s a provocative “F— Y–” Optic if there ever was one. Almost as if it were designed  to drive sensible Republicans crazy.

What would be the point of “gaslighting” GOPs on immigration? To provoke at least some of them into calling for Obama’s impeachment before the midterms (on the grounds that he is failing in his duty to ‘execute the laws” or defend the nation’s borders). Impeachment talk–which has, in fact, already begun bubbling up  — would give the Dems and the MSM the ammo they need to portray Republicans as extremists– and would predictably boost Democratic midterm turnout, especially among African Americans.

Advice to GOPs: Don’t take the bait. You can babble about “high crimes and misdemeanors” all you want — after November.

P.S.: Another way to drive I-talk, of course, would be to behave in ways palpably reminiscent of the administration of Richard Nixon, a president who many Americans of both parties think should have been impeached (if he hadn’t resigned first). But that would never happen

Mickey Kaus