Hank Williams III: No Way A British Actor Should Play My Granddaddy

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Hank Williams III is not cool with some British actor playing his grandfather Hank Williams Sr. in an upcoming biopic, because Tom Hiddleston’s obviously not a true American.

Williams III made it clear to TMZ only a true American is appropriate for the role because his family, including his granddaddy of course, is truly American. So American they’ve got red, white and blue running through their veins.

He said producers of the film about Hank Sr., “I Saw the Light” should have cast Matthew McConnaughey for the role, because he’s a true Southern ‘MERICAN, and has already represented the South well in films such as “Dallas Buyers Club.”

Hank Jr. Jr.’s got a good point. Importing a British actor best known for his role in “The Avengers” with a fake American accent to play a great American country legend isn’t right.

Maybe a petition could make a difference. (RELATED: Comb Blue Ivy’s Hair, Say Thousands)

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