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Washington Post Vs. Politico: Who Has Better Sources Inside The GOP Whip Meeting?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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This morning the House GOP met in the Capitol’s HC-5 for a Whip candidate forum. A journalism tweet-off appeared to break out on Twitter, revealing the chops of just which reporter had better sources inside that meeting. Here we examine those of Politico‘s Jake Sherman versus Washington Post‘s Robert Costa.

Both men have been on the congressional beat for a good chunk of time.

But one appears to have an edge with GOP lawmakers.

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The Players: Costa: He previously worked at National Review, where he managed their Capitol Hill bureau. On Twitter since Oct. 2009. Followers: 61.9K. B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and MA in politics from the University of Cambridge. Politico, ironically, called him a “breakout star” of the 2012 presidential campaign; Sherman: He previously worked at the Washington bureaus of WSJ, Newsweek and Minneapolis Star Tribune. On Twitter since Feb. 2009. Followers: 19.1K. B.A. from George Washington University and MA from Columbia’s J-School.

This is a sampling of their tweets.

COSTA: 8 mins till the forum starts and attendance is very light. Candidates not even here yet, Paul Broun arrives alone.

COSTA: Peter King arrives, dark Irish sense of humor: “we’re all working together,” he laughs, when pressed about internal House tensions.

COSTA: Stutzman arrives. I ask him if he’s nervous. Atop the stairs to mtg rm, he turns, pauses, and says, “Yes.”

COSTA: Stutzman was finishing up his speech as he walked in, scribbling on a note card. In big letters at top: “REAGAN SAID…”

COSTA: Text from source inside the room: “Only 25 guys here. Pathetic. And no undecideds.”

COSTA: Rep. Salmon complaining in a near empty room about staff being there, causing a little bit of a scene, per sources.

COSTA: Labrador and Massie making remarks inside, complaining about leadership staff having too much power.

Image-4COSTA: Members txting from inside: “we’re ignoring this,” re: Lab soliloquy on process, another: “I’m in the back having a donut”

SHERMAN: No candidates, few lawmakers, mostly reporters so far at the GOP candidate forum in the Capitol basement.

SHERMAN: Here’s where things stand in the whip race: Scalise team says he has 110. Roskam land says he’s surging, around 95.

SHERMAN: Lots of carping in GOP mtg ab STAFF having too much power in leadership – mostly from the right. Each ldrshp ofc allowed 2 aides inside.

SHERMAN: Source in the room says stutzman, running for whip, is making a pitch for the GOP baseball team.

SHERMAN: The whip candidates are making the same argument privately that that are to reporters. No big difference.

SHERMAN: Pat Tiberi, a Roskam supporter, was asked about a second ballot. He said “ask Roy blunt.”