‘Kissing Congressman’ Vance McAllister May Un-Retire

Justin Smith Contributor
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Vance McAllister, the Louisiana Republican Representative known as the “kissing congressman,” may be returning to politics in the upcoming election cycle.

McAllister announced last week that he would not seek re-election after security footage leaked in April showing the married congressman kissing his staffer. The incident earned him the nickname the “kissing congressman.” After the footage was released, many politicians called for his resignation, including Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

McAllister said he reconsidered seeking re-election after a poll released last week showed him as a frontrunner in the race, prompting calls from supporters urging him to rethink his decision. “There is overwhelming support asking me to reconsider [and] it’s up to the people to decide” he said. The private poll showed him to be the favorite to win the Republican seat in the 5th Congressional District over GOP State senator Neil Riser and Democrat Jamie Mayo, the Mayor of Monroe, La.

“I would imagine [I’ll decide] in the next couple of weeks. I’m leaning 55 to 45 percent for running” he told Poltico. McAllister also said he had apologized to his wife and God for his infidelity and is ready to return thanks to voter support.

Another one of McAllister’s opponents will be Republican Zach Dasher, better known as the nephew of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson. Robertson endorsed McAllister during his special election victory in 2013, however it is doubtful that McAllister will receive this same celebrity endorsement again since he’s running against Robertson’s own nephew. When asked how his relationship with the reality TV star was, McAllister simply said “we’re good.”

McAllister has until the August 22nd deadline to decide whether or not he will run.