‘Morning Joe’ Relentlessly Rips On IRS Over ‘Recycled’ Lerner Computer

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Joe Scarborough and the rest of the “Morning Joe” crew at MSNBC could barely keep it together over the latest IRS excuse that they “recycled” (read: destroyed) Lois Lerner’s computer, lambasting the tax agency’s latest reason why they cannot retrieve emails that may indicate the deliberate targeting of tea party groups.

Scarborough seemed too bewildered by the IRS’ brazenness to be angry. “That’s a great thing that emails are forever, at least in advanced civilizations,” he began. “Because if you go to places that look like the scene out of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ where they’re like beating sticks, maybe their emails get lost. And then they go, ‘Our emails are lost. Let’s DESTROY ALL THE COMPUTERS!’ Because that’s what the IRS did.”

“I’m never going to get to this story, am I?” lamented liberal co-host Mika Brzezinski, who grew increasingly uncomfortable as her panelists joined the fray.

“Even I know that if you have a hard drive and you can’t find an email, you can get a little nerd to come in and they can find it for you,” Scarborough continued.

“Not if you take the literal computer itself and throw that away,” journalist Mike Barnicle cracked.

“How am I gonna get through this?” Brzezinski whined.

“It is strange tech support work, to throw the computer away,” MSNBC host Willie Geist joined in. “Can’t figure this one out, just toss it.”

“We have a lot to get to,” Brezezinksi lectured, finally getting a chance to report the story. But not for long.

“Republican Senator Orrin Hatch said he was told that Lois Lerner’s crashed hard drive was actually recycled,” she said.

“I like how they use the word ‘recycle,'” Scarborough interrupted. “Instead of ‘We trashed the evidence and tore it up and buried it. No, we were earth friendly.'”

“Have you ever heard that?” he continued. “Like what if a mobster went before a panel? ‘Where is the body?'”

“‘We recycled it!'” Scarborough crowed in a fake Russian accent.

“We compost,” Geist jumped in. “We compost out back.”

“Wille, I’m glad your back,” Brzezinski scolded. “But stop.”

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