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Democrat And MSNBC Contributor Brian Schweitzer Is Sorry For Being Stupid

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No need to apologize, Bri. We know you can’t help it.

The other day, Schweitzer was quoted as follows: Eric Cantor is gay, southern men are effeminate, and Dianne Feinstein is a prostitute.

Surprisingly, he regrets saying these things. From his Facebook page:

I recently made a number of stupid and insensitive remarks to a reporter from the National Journal. I am deeply sorry and sincerely apologize for my carelessness and disregard.

Schweitzer might not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but at least he’s honest. This is an actual, genuine apology. Simple, direct, and without the one word that renders any apology null and void: “if.” You know… “I’m sorry if anybody was offended.” There’s no “if” in an honest apology. Either you’re sorry or you’re not.

Kudos, Brian Schweitzer. You’ll never be president, but at least you’re still a human being. That’s more than we can say for Hillary.

Update: Heh.

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