D’Souza Argues Obama Is More Dangerous Than Jimmy Carter

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Is Barack Obama fundamentally different and more dangerous than Jimmy Carter? Dinesh D’Souza thinks so.

The author and documentarian explained his position in the final — and perhaps most lively — segment of The Daily Caller’s extensive interview with him about his new book, “America: Imagine A World Without Her.” TheDC has featured segments from the interview all week.

“Yes, with Jimmy Carter, his errors were the errors of a nincompoop,” D’Souza said, when asked whether there is anything he could imagine Obama doing as president that Carter wouldn’t. “So here’s the Shah of Iran. Carter sanctimoniously comes in and he goes, ‘Ooh, the Shah of Iran is a dictator. He has secret police. I’ve got to pull the Persian rug right out from under him,’ and, oops, he gets [Ayatollah] Khomeini. There’s not a person in America who believes Jimmy Carter wanted to get Khomeini, that he actually was sympathetic in any way to Khomeini, that he saw Khomeini as a freedom fighter. It was ignoring the lesser evil. You try to get rid of a bad guy, and you accidentally get the worse guy.”

“Now contrast this with Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood,” D’Souza continued. “In Egypt, did you ever get the idea that Obama was horrified that the Muslim Brotherhood was gaining power? No, he seemed to be thrilled. He seemed to be very serene, very easygoing about it. In fact, he was continuing U.S. aid to Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood was coming to power, and then when the military overthrows those guys, he threatens to cut off aid. So you get the idea here that Obama is acting consistently to undermine our allies and, in a sense, allow our enemies to consolidate power.”

When TheDC pointed out that Obama was not alone in accepting the Muslim Brotherhood — how much of the American foreign policy establishment, however wrongheaded, believed they represented a moderate Islamist ideology — D’Souza persisted.

“Well, I’m saying that that ideology — I mean, look, anyone who takes a look at the Muslim Brotherhood recognizes that this is the largest organization of radical Islam in the world,” he said. (READ: Reflections On The Revolution In Egypt)

But, seemingly contra D’Souza, Carter held the same position on the Muslim Brotherhood as Obama — if not a more enthusiastic one — during the Islamist organization’s rise to power in the aftermath of the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. When some were expressing concerns about how the Muslim Brotherhood would govern Egypt in 2012, Carter declared he trusted the organization.

Watch the rest of the interview for D’Souza’s view on whether he believes Obama is as radical as Bill Ayers — and TheDC’s polite but persistent challenging of some of his arguments.

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