Police Saying That Fans Are Posing As Disabled To Get Great World Cup Seats

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Police in Brazil are investigating potential ticket fraud after a group of fans in a disabled section of Arena de Sao Paulo were seen jumping out of their wheelchairs in celebration during the opening game between Brazil and Croatia.

The tickets are advantageous to scammers because each disabled ticket comes with a free one for a helper companion. Footage from the CCTV system, as well as about 30 pictures shared on social media, show “disabled” fans on their feet, reports The Telegraph. Fan Andres Dias joked, “The World Cup is creating miracles.”

Scalpers are selling the disabled tickets on Facebook and other networks, as well as outside the stadiums. Authorities will have a hard time proving that the disabled fans are indeed disabled since some disabilities make it possible to stand for short periods of time, but not to walk distances or stand for awhile.

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