Donald Trump Says He Would Make Great President Because ‘Al Sharpton Really Likes Donald Trump’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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In what may be the Donald Trumpiest interview of all time, Trump said he would make a stellar president because Al Sharpton really likes him.

During a conversation with The American Spectator, the real estate mogul and perennial fake presidential candidate made the case he could unite the country by pointing to his relationship with Al Sharpton, who he says “really likes Donald Trump.”

“We have a very disunited country. More disunited I think than it’s ever been — not including the Civil War,” Trump said. “But I think other than bullets flying, we’re probably even worse. I would know how to unite the country. I get along with many of the people that you would say—as an example, Al Sharpton.”

“I know more about Al Sharpton than Al Sharpton knows about himself,” Trump also noted.

“I mean Al Sharpton, whether he is admits it or not, really likes Donald Trump, OK?” he went on to say.

“But Al Sharpton, whatever he does, really does like Donald Trump,” Trump also proffered, pointing out that, “I mean I’ve gone to fights with Al Sharpton — Don King is Al Sharpton’s friend — and I’ve been with them at, you know, many fights.”

Providing more insight into his relationship with Sharpton, Trump stated that “I know Al Sharpton very well” and “I’ve always had a very good relationship with Al Sharpton.”

In the interview, Trump also took issue with the idea of “American exceptionalism,” which he said was “a very dangerous term.”

“You can feel you’re exceptional, but when you start throwing it in other countries’ faces or other people’s faces, I actually think it’s a very dangerous term to use,” he elaborated. “Well, I heard that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin was saying to somebody — you know I had the Miss Universe contest over in Moscow recently, six months ago, and Putin, by the way, treated us unbelievably well. And it was at that time that Putin said, ‘Who do they think they are saying they’re exceptional’ And I understand that. You know, he said, ‘Why are they exceptional? They have killings in the streets. Look at what’s going on in Chicago and different places. They have all of this turmoil, all of the things that are happening in there.'”

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