How Bret Baier Turns Fox Haters Into Fox Lovers

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Bret Baier knows how to turn Fox haters into Fox fans.

Fox News’ chief political anchor and host of “Special Report” explained his method during an extensive interview with The Daily Caller about politics, the media and his new book, “Special Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage and Love.”

“First of all, I respond to as many as I can,” Baier said, referring to emails he gets lambasting his network for being conservative. “And usually when I respond to the emails that are most visceral or vitriolic or angry, most of them have not watched. And I say watch my show three nights, and then email me back and tell me what you think. And usually it’s one viewer at a time I can make headway.”

Baier, who says one of the secrets of Fox News’ success is “we don’t talk down to people,” said he suspects that”[m]ost of the loudest critics haven’t watched Fox.”

“I think there is a big effort to paint with a broad brush,” he said. “Obviously I am not going to tell you that Sean Hannity is a liberal. And our conservative prime time editorial is clearly is like an editorial page of a newspaper. And they have opinions and it works. People should take it for what it is.”

“On the news side of the house, we try to balance things out pretty well,” he added.

Asked about his competition at 6:00 p.m. on MSNBC — “PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton — Baier said, “I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it.”

“I am too busy with my show,” he explained. “And I don’t really worry about that. I am trying to swing for the fences and get ratings better or equal to network television at 6:30 [p.m.].”

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