American Exchange Student Gets Stuck In Giant Stone Vagina In Germany

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An unidentified American exchange student will always remember the time he spent in the beautiful, old university town of Tubingen, Germany. He’ll remember the good beer, probably. He’ll recall the winding cobblestone streets. And, of course, he’ll never forget that time he got himself stuck in a huge stone vagina.

The embarrassing incident happened on Friday afternoon, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

On a dare, the male student climbed into the 32-ton sculpture that conspicuously resembles the external genital organs of a human female.

After gamely entering the dark cavity of the monument, the student almost made it back out. However, his legs and feet became hopelessly ensnared at the bottom of the enormous vagina carved out of red marble.

Local firefighters eventually got the call that the American student was “stuck in a stone vulva,” according to Schwäbisches Tagblatt, a local newspaper.

First-responders rushed to the scene. There were five fire trucks. There were 22 firefighters. There were also several paramedics.

Fairly quickly, the firefighters were able to massage the student out of the vagina “by hand without use of equipment,” Schwäbisches Tagblatt explained.

Thankfully, a man named Erick Guzman was also on the scene to take photographs, which he posted for posterity on Imgur.

“The fire department was not really amused,” Guzman said, according to the Herald. As for the trapped student, “he was really embarrassed.”

The stone vagina sculpture, by Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara, sits outside an institute for microbiology and virology at Tubingen University. It’s called “Chacan” which means “making love.” It has been there for 13 years.

The sculpture wasn’t harmed during the extraction process.

The student was also unharmed.

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