Man Struck By Lightning And Blown Out Of His Shoes

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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An Atlanta man was so forcefully struck by lightning on Saturday afternoon that his shoes were blown from his feet and left smoldering on his driveway.

Sean O’Connor told CBS46 that he got home from work and decided to do some yard work on the sunny day.

“Just as I picked up the rake, I heard a loud crashing sound,” O’Connor told CBS46. “A few moments later I was picking myself up off the ground. I had the taste of blood in my mouth. I noticed my leg was burning a little bit.”

O’Connor was home alone when he was hit by the seemingly rogue lightning strike, and according to the report, it took him awhile to process what had happened.

“My leg hairs were singed. I could smell the burnt hair,” he explained. “I looked across the driveway and I could see my boots over there. They were no longer on my feet, and one of them was smoking’. At that point I realized I had just been hit by lightning.”

That’s when he pulled out his cell phone and recorded the smoky shoe before calling his wife and 911.

Though the strike had the potential of being tragic and even caused O’Connor’s heart to temporarily beat irregularly, he is expected to make a full recovery. (RELATED: Lightning Strikes Pickup Truck)

“I’ve had a lot of friends comment and ask me if I can now bend spoons with my mind, which I don’t,” O’Connor joked.

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