McDonald’s Tests Mobile Ordering App

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In case going to a fast food restaurant isn’t fast enough for you, McDonald’s is testing an order-ahead mobile payment app.

This app, called “McD Ordering,” is being tested at 22 locations around Columbus, Georgia, according to Business Insider.

Customers link a credit or debit card to the app, and the card is charged when the customer scans a QR code at McDonald’s. The app displays the order number, and the customer picks up the food as usual, except without having to go through the line and talk to a cashier.

According to the app, food can be picked up at the counter or delivered curbside.

McDonald’s has used such apps overseas before, but this is its first mobile ordering and paying app in America.

Other companies have used mobile payment apps before, though, such as Starbucks. Chick-fil-A and Tim Hortons have also recently started using mobile payment apps.

McDonald’s does have another app they’re testing, this one for coupons and loyalty offers. “McD App” isn’t being tested in the same area as the McD Ordering app, though.

A McDonald’s top executive who isn’t authorized to discuss the app publicly said that they’re more interested in making the customer experience easier than having customers pay with their phones.

The executive also said that the company can benefit from the data they’ll get from the app. If they combine the coupons and mobile ordering app, the executive said that McDonald’s can see what the customers buy when they redeem coupons and create better target ads.

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