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Something a coworker dreads writing: “Journalists around the world, stand up. This is not acceptable. #freeAJStaff” — Yoko Shimizu, senior planning producer, Al Jazeera English.  Per LAT, “Egyptian sentences three Al Jazeera journalists to 7 years in prison on terrorism related charges.”

Head scratcher 

Ex-Breitbartian Lee Stranahan (who was fired from Breitbart News back in March by Breitbart “Texas Bureau Chief” Brandon Darby): “What are the odds of me heading up Breitbart South Dakota? @brandondarby

Deep Thoughts With Ben Howe 

“Unfollowing/refollowing doesn’t work with me. Conversation does.” — RedState‘s Ben Howe. He later explained to The Mirror,  “I was talking about people that try to get you to follow them by follow/unfollow.”


“Another law enforcement agency on the border just told me I am ‘not allowed’ to record illegal immigrants getting arrested in public.” — Breitbart News “Texas Bureau Chief” Brandon Darby.

Wedding bells 

“See you in two weeks, I’m off to marry @ascheink!” — Dana Goldstein, referring to her fiancé Andrei Scheinkman, deputy editor of Five Thirty Eight.

Editor prefers Les Mis to HBO’s John Oliver 

“So you’re telling me I can be condescended to about the news, but in a British accent? SIGN ME UP. #JohnOliver” — Washington Free Beacon Managing Editor Sonny Bunch, who added, “I would literally rather watch the awful film version of Les Mis than John Oliver. Jesus.”

BUT… a Los Angeles Times‘ media writer likes him

“Nice takedown of Dr. Oz by John Oliver tonight.” — LAT‘s Joe Flint.


#vasurge going to do a ? And A on fb in 10 mins” — Ex-talk show host Montel Williams last night at 11:26 p.m. When he’s not doing this sincerely worthy cause, he does informercials and promotes shitty payday loans.

Radio host provides fashion update

“I got my second pair of cowboy boots today. Something has started.” — TheBlaze‘ and conservative radio’s Dana Loesch.

Irony is…

“Today’s Explainers, Explained” — Jared Keller, director of programming, Mic News.

Headline that had to be clicked on: “American Exchange Student Pulled Out Of Giant German Vagina” – See here for who ran it.

How can you not appreciate Alec Baldwin? 


“Happy Birthday, dear Meryl…” — Ex-MSNBCer Alec Baldwin.