Watch Some Dudes Destroy A Greek Restaurant In Epic Fight [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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A heated argument quickly turns into an epic free-for-all involving plenty of chair and people smashing in this video posted to YouTube by Worldstar Monday.

A bunch of guys who were apparently eating together are standing up and shouting at each other across a table when the video starts — restaurant staff are already involved. Some guy in a blank tank top casually walks up to the table and shoves one of the guys violently from behind and just keeps walking. But someone else immediately picks up and hurls a glass at him, and then all hell breaks loose.

Key moments:

24 seconds: Chair breaks in mid-air.

27 seconds: Someone throws A TABLE at a guy.

40 seconds: Guy trips and falls under a table, and someone mercifully straightens out the camera angle.

56 seconds: Guy stumbles and falls after his head meets a chair thrown from across the room.

1:11: The fight is still going on. SO many chairs!

1:40: Fight’s over, and restaurant staff is kicking everybody out.

1:50: Girl observing raises a great question: “Do I get a refund on my souvlaki?”


That escalated quickly …

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