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It’s Dylan Byers’ last day in D.C…. The Politico media blogger is off to glitz and glam of Los Angeles. His goodbye note offers liquor to pretty much anyone who will call him. Maybe his old foe Nate Silver will take him up on free drinks? Bon Voyage Dylan! Check out his cheery, bland goodbye note.

When is a date a date?Vox Media‘s Alex Abad-Santos does the official explainer piece on dating. He navigates hookups, if the guy should pay and friends with benefits. If all else fails, he brings up the “nuclear option” — which means, asking, “Is this a date?” Read here.

The New Republic sort of applauds the Washington Free Beacon but they still considers the publication beneath them. In a gross display of condescension, The New Republic‘s Jason Zengerle begrudgingly compliments the pub on its recent scoops by Alana Goodman that came through a GOP oppo researcher. See here.

RFK Jr. had affair with plastic surgeon’s wife… The Daily Mail has the scoop. The sourcing is interesting. The lead: “Robert F Kennedy Junior had an affair with the wife of plastic surgeon to the stars Laurence Kirwan behind the back of his fiancée Cheryl Hines, it is claimed today.” This is a new one: It is claimed today. Later the story uses “sources close to Prof Kirwan.” Fun fact: Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. is the son of the late New York Sen. Bobby Kennedy. Read here.