Hakuna Matata? Woman Hops Zoo Fence To Feed Lions Cookies

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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She’s baaaack! A woman wearing brown scrubs hopped the fence to the lion exhibit at the Memphis Zoo on Monday, sang to the animals and attempted to feed them cookies. Apparently, this is the second time the woman tried to perform that same stunt in the past two weeks.

Michelle Beasley, a witness to the scene, said the woman, who only remained separated from the lions by a wire fence, belted out a tune about how much she missed the felines.

“It was bizarre. I’ve never seen someone singing to a lion,” Beasley told WMC of Memphis.

Did the woman pose more of a threat to herself or the lions? According to Memphis Zoo spokeswoman Abbey Dane, her unorthodox actions posed a threat to both.

The zoo has thus permanently banned the woman as a visitor, and employees now have photographs of the lion lover to prevent her from slipping past them for a third serenade.

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Hayley Hoefer