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Not All Chinese People Stoked About Eating Dogs

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I’m not sure if they know about PETA over there, but some Chinese folks don’t want any Chow in their mein.

From the miserable communists at The Guardian:

A southern Chinese city kicked off its annual dog-eating festival over the weekend amid a fierce backlash by animal rights groups.

Activists estimate that about 10,000 dogs are slaughtered at the summer solstice event, in which thousands of locals and tourists consume barbecued, stir-fried and boiled dog meat served alongside lychees and grain alcohol.

This year, social media campaigns and a strong showing by a small but dedicated band of animal rights activists have dampened the festivities in Yulin, Guangxi province.

I’d say something here, but it’s not my place. Telling an entire culture what to do and how to live is racist, unless it’s the culture of mainstream America. We have no right to tell people not to eat dogs.

Now, a rich white guy putting his dog on top of his car, on the other hand…

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Jim Treacher