Pervy Nerds Get Their Hands On A Drone And Use It Just How You’d Expect

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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Seattle police are investigating an incident where a woman spotted a drone peeping on her as she got dressed in her 26th floor apartment on Sunday morning.

Lisa Pleiss has never worried about people peeping in her high-rise apartment and was walking around indecent when she looked out the window and saw the drone hovering outside, allegedly recording her, according to KIRO-TV.

“It was freaky,” Pleiss told KIRO-TV. “You don’t expect to be walking around indecent in your apartment and have this thing out there potentially recording you.”

When she spotted the elaborate peeping tom, Pleiss grabbed her camera to record the incident. That’s when the drone reacted and buzzed off.

“It, like, swooped out of frame immediately, really quickly,” she said. “Which made me think they were looking at me because they were reacting to my actions.”

Pleiss called down to the apartment’s concierge, who reportedly saw two men handling the drone. According to the report, the two men quickly loaded their car that was parked across the street with the drone, a tripod and other high-tech equipment. (RELATED: Coming To A College Near You, DRONES)

“I do know that there’s a lot of buzz and concern around drones and I now understand why,” she said.