Wimbledon Bans Players From Wearing Colorful Underwear

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Organizers for the Wimbledon tennis tournament are cracking down on colors in uniforms, including underwear.


According to the brief rule, players are allowed to have one centimeter of color showing on their outfits, according to News. Underwear and compression shorts must be white, as well as women’s sports bras. Straps are often seen and colored bras can show through tops while perspiring.

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This rule was in place last year, but it will be more strongly enforced this year.

“There is now a clarification and if there was a question in years gone by those questions have been well and truly answered,” said Jon Friend, a Wimbledon spokesman.

US player Serena Williams celebrates wit

If players break the rule, there is a “supply of suitable clothing” that they can change into.

Unfortunately, there are no new rules about Rafael Nadal’s persistent wedgies.

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