American Airlines Is REALLY Bad At Shipping Your Dog

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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If you want to ship your dog from one side of the country to the other and are doing it via American Airlines you might want to pack them a lunch, a bottle of water and something to do.

Military spouse Brianna Jacks was trying to ship her dog Bailey from Washington, D.C.’s Reagan National Airport to her husband Aaron in California — where he is currently deployed. They chose American Airlines and began planning for the shipment in late May. Brianna first arrived at the airport on the 19th of June at 4 AM for Bailey’s flight at 6:30 AM only to be told that Bailey would not be able to be put on a flight before 8AM. She was referred to American Airlines 1-800 customer care line.

The Dog that just wants to fly home - Brianna Jacks 2

Brianna was then informed by American Airlines that “Unfortunately, the temperatures in DFW-Dallas, TX will exceed our 85 degree weather restiction the next 2 days.  Temperatures in DFW will in the 90’s and will be unable to transport Bailey.” After some lengthy negotiations she was informed that Bailey would be able to be shipped on June 20th.

On June 20th at 7:30 AM, Brianna arrived at Reagan Airport to be told that Bailey had now been booked on a June 21st flight instead. Eventually, after calling the American Airlines 1-800 customer care line, this error was corrected and Bailey was confirmed to fly on the 20th.

However, according to the American Airlines representative, the kennel that Bailey would be flying in was too small. Jacks was then told to go to a local Petsmart and purchase a new kennel if she wanted to fly. Thanks to some very helpful Petsmart employees Jacks was able to return to the airport in time only to be told that her military discount would not be honored and that she would have to pay the full $350 dollar fee to fly Bailey to her new home (during which time Brianna says that an American Airlines employee asked her out on a date).The Dog that just wants to fly home - Brianna Jacks 1

In an attempt to draw a line under the whole episode, Brianna refused the date, paid the $350 and Bailey was seemingly on her way to her new life in sunny California … or so it seemed.

On the evening of the 20th, Brianna received a phone call to say that Bailey was still at Regan National Airport and that if she was not picked up immediately, then she would be taken to the pound at the Jacks family’s expense. This was after Brianna’s mother-in-law had rung American Airlines and they had confirmed that Bailey was in transit.

Brianna drove back to Reagan Airport where she was reunited with her dog who had not been let out of her kennel for more than 12 hours.

Speaking to The Daily Caller, Brianna said “I rushed over to DCA when I got there they just took Bailey out of the kennel to let her pee. I took Bailey away from the worker and began walking her myself. As I was walking her my dog began to chug a puddle she saw on the ground. My dog was not given food or water the entire time she was at DCA.”

She continued: “I asked the workers why I wasn’t called earlier they said ‘I don’t know’. I asked why my dog was not fed nor watered when there were clear instructions that she needed to be water by 6:45 pm, they informed me that ‘was not their responsibility.'”

The Dog that just wants to fly home - Brianna Jacks 3

The Jacks family have demanded a refund of their money for a flight that never happened, but have only been referred to American Airline’s 1-800 customer care line. Bailey remains in Washington, D.C.

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