Heavy Metal Band Splashes Crowd With Blood

Aldana Fourcade Contributor
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Nowadays, heavy metal bands like to splash their crowd with blood.

“Young And In The Way,” a hardcore and black metal band, decided to spray its crowd with blood at a the Lexington Avenue Brewery bar in Asheville, N.C., on Sunday night.

Although at the time it was unclear what kind of blood it was, health officials confirmed that it was pig’s blood (phew!), WLOS reports.

“After a private music event in our back room, we voluntarily closed and contacted the Buncombe County Health department to advise us the best cleanup procedure for our back room,” said Benjy Green, the bar’s General Manager.

According to the health officials, the pig’s blood does not present any risk to the fans splashed by it, although some may vomit from the disgust (unless they’re too hardcore).

The bar has since temporarily shut down and is currently cleaning up the blood.

Instagram photos of the event show fans covered in blood, and some were very excited about it.

Aldana Fourcade