This Taxpayer-Funded Women’s Studies Professor Teaches Her Students Why ‘White Men’ Don’t Dance

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Like a slew of other colleges and universities, the University of California Davis maintains a YouTube channel containing a throng of videos — “Breeding a better bean,” for example, and “Men’s Basketball Wins with Buzzer-Beater.”

And then there’s the bizarro video uploaded last week by officials at the taxpayer-funded, science-heavy school which features a female professor purporting to explain why white men don’t dance enough to satisfy her.

The nutty professor is Maxine Craig, a white women’s studies and sociology professor at UC Davis.

“Lots of men are perfectly comfortable saying, ‘I don’t dance,’ refusing to dance, telling their wives ‘I don’t dance,'” Craig jauntily explains.

The crackpot professor then goes into a rant about the “failing” of enough “white men” to dance.

“It wouldn’t be so easy to say, ‘I don’t know how to make money,’ ‘I don’t know how to drive,’ ‘I don’t know how to do these normatively masculine things,'” she raves. “But it’s quite comfortable for so many white men to say, ‘I don’t dance.'”

Craig then adds in passing that “some men of color” say they don’t dance. She also notes that “some queer men” say it — thus suggesting that “white men” and “queer men” are somehow different categories of people.


Craig has written a book on the subject called “Sorry I Don’t Dance: Why Men Refuse to Move.” Her thesis is that “in the 1960s suburbanization, homophobia, and fragmentation of music cultures drove white men from the dance floor, and feminized, sexualized and racialized dance.”

In the YouTube video, Craig suggests that white men “gain” from declining to dance because “they locate themselves on the rational side of the mind-body split” — a more masculine place to be, she apparently believes.

Craig argues that this “mind-body split” “isn’t good for any of us.”

At the website Rate My Professors, students call Craig “extremely eccentric” and a “HARDCORE Democrat.” Naturally, “she dances around while she lectures.”

Also of note, among the seven “likes” accumulated on the Facebook page that appears to belong to Craig is a Facebook page called “Morriña da CCCP” which glorifies Soviet tyrant Joseph Stalin. “Morriña” means “homesickness” in Spanish. An entry dated Dec. 25, 2012 praises an out-of-print book which denies the genocidal famine that occurred in Ukraine in the early 1930s.

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