Colorado Deals With Increase In Pot DUIs

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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The largest detox center in Colorado brought attention Wednesday to a concerning trend in the state — an increase in pot DUIs.

Since Colorado’s law permitting the recreational use of marijuana became effective Jan. 1, the detox center’s number of patients arrested for DUI while high on the drug has nearly doubled.

Arapahoe House, which runs three detox centers in Colorado, tracked data regarding DUI arrests from Jan. 1 to May 31 in 2014 and the same period last year. Art Schut, president and CEO of the network, described the correlation between the state’s legalization of marijuana and spike in pot DUIs as a “public safety issue.”

In March, the Colorado Department of Transportation launched a $1 million ad campaign to curb drugged driving.

“Our hope is that this new data will create awareness so that if Coloradans choose to use marijuana, they do not get behind the wheel,” said Schut.

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Hayley Hoefer