Family’s Nanny Won’t Leave House After Being Fired

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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According to an article published today by ABC, a California family is living with a nanny that won’t work and refuses to leave their home, even after being fired.

The Bracamonte family hired Dianne Stretton in March to help with their family. Marcella Bracamonte said the reason for hiring her was that she “was a stay-at-home mom and thought it would be good to have someone around to help out.”

In the beginning, Stretton, age 64, was helpful,”She would come places with us, help out the kids. She was really great.” Though as time passed she would just stay in her room and would only leave to eat.

Stretton told the Bracamontes that she has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and that prohibits her from working. She has also threatened to sue the family for elderly abuse and wrongful hiring. Stretton is on the California Vexatious Litigant Lists for repeatedly abusing the legal system.

The Bracamontes called the police to remove Stretton as they have three young children and don’t want this awful lady hanging around. The police said they could not remove Stretton as this is a civil matter and they have to go through the formal eviction process.

We have to wonder if this situation is similar to this:

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