Father Told ‘Missing’ Son Found In HIS Basement In Live TV Interview [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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A Michigan father who had been frantically searching for his son for nearly two weeks was informed on live TV Wednesday that his missing son had been found — in his own basement.

Charles Bothuell IV had reported his 12-year-old son Charles missing 11 days ago, CNN reports, and was visibly shaken when he was given the shocking news in a live TV interview with HLN’s Nancy Grace.

“Charlie, we are getting reports, that your son has been found, in your basement,” Grace informs him, incredulously. A few seconds of shocked silence follow. “Sir?” Grace presses.

“What?” he says repeatedly, and finally stammers: “I have no idea.”

“Did you check your basement?” Grace eventually demands.

“I checked my basement,” he says. “The FBI checked my basement. The Detroit police checked my basement. My wife checked my basement. I’ve been down there several times. We’ve all been checking.”

Detroit Police Chief James Craig confirmed the report: “We found him barricaded in the basement, behind boxes and a large five-gallon drum. There’s no way he could have erected this makeshift area of concealment.”

The boy was excited to see police, Craig added, and was taken to receive medical treatment.

Investigators had searched the home four times, including once with a cadaver dog.

Following the HLN interview, CNN reports, Charles Bothuell said he was shocked by the discovery, and became angry at reporters’  questions.

“For anybody to imply that I somehow knew my son was in the basement is absurd and wrong,” he said. “I love my son. I’m glad that he’s home.”


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