Mother Takes Away Furby That Won’t Stop Swearing At Kids

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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A Welsh mother of three was forced to take away her three children’s “Furby” toys after one of them picked up a naughty word, and refused to stop sharing in with the kids.

“I was in shock as I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,” Louise Wilkinson, told the Shropshire Star Wednesday. “It’s only the one Furby that swears, but we have had to take all three from the children otherwise it wouldn’t be fair and they are so upset.”

The toys are designed to pick up and repeat words or phrases spoken to them, but the 42-year-old mother from Llanfyllin in Wales insists she never swore at them. The toys were purchased new from Argos in Oswestry.

“We don’t think it’s actually saying ‘f— you’ here,” Business Insider reported. “But it’s close enough that her concern is understood.”


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