‘Teddy Goalsevelt’ Proves America Has The Best World Cup Fans

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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Yet again, America proves she has the best World Cup fans when a man dressed as the rugged, raw and always patriotic Teddy Roosevelt, or rather “Teddy Goalsevelt,” hit the scene.

New York native Mike D’Amico shaved his beard, threw on a Roosevelt-inspired costume, and took to the streets of Brazil as the most popular fan, according to CBS6. 

“I’m going to be in the jungle, I have this beard I can shave into a mustache,” D’Amico said. “And, if there’s ever a president that you would want leading your team,  leading your country into battle, in the middle of the jungle, it’s Teddy Roosevelt.”

D’Amico became an overnight American hero when he was caught on camera screaming after the U.S. team scored its second goal against Portugal on Sunday. Viewers saw the rough-riding 26th president sitting in the crowd riling support, and took to Twitter to spread the word that America does sports events the right way.

The mustachioed commander-in-chief impersonator continued exciting U.S. fans when he joined Will Ferrell at an event in Brazil before the U.S. played Germany on Thursday. (RELATED: Will Ferrell: ‘I Will Bite Every German Player If I Have To’)

According to the report, D’Amico says dressing as the iconic badass president amps up Americans to support our boys in Brazil better than dressing in a jersey and chanting rally songs — like all the other less-passionate countries do.

“It shows that people are excited about the U.S., they’re excited about U.S. soccer,” D’Amico said. “They’re excited to take a picture with a presidential icon, and it just makes me excited to go to the next match and keep this going.”