Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter: ‘There’s No Way You Can Secure The Border’

Aldana Fourcade Contributor
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Nancy Pelosi’s daughter believes the border cannot be secured.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Richard Lui, filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi talked about the American dream, and how it is very much still alive. She spoke about her recent visit to see families on the Mexican side of the border, claiming that “they have nothing” and because of that, will do whatever it takes to get to the United States.

Many people choose to go through the horrendous travel “because they have nothing to lose. They’re gonna come to America or they’re gonna die trying,” says the daughter of the minority leader.

She asserted that, “Every member of Congress needs to go down there,” and criticized those, such as Arizona Sen. John McCain, who go and stand at the “Good Fence,” ignoring the fact that the fence is “just barbed wire” in many other parts.

“I think there is no way we can secure the border,” Pelosi declared. “I think that politicians say that so we can sleep at night … there is no way we can prevent these people from coming.”

“You have to come up with better solutions than building a fence, cause that’s just a fairy tale solution,” she concluded.

Pelosi visited the towns where many undocumented migrants enter the United States as part of her new documentary, “Citizen U.S.A,” which follows people’s decisions to become American citizens.