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Separated at Birth: The Daily Caller’s Will Rahn

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Today is sadly Will Rahn‘s last day at The Daily Caller. As we weep over his exit, he’s prancing off to The Daily Beast to be an editor. Their newsroom is in for a rude awakening – let’s just say Rahn likes to spice things up. He also likes to occasionally dress up in strange outfits.* We won’t even tell you his plan for today. But let’s just hint that it involves a 9 a.m. Bloody Mary followed up by an interesting field trip down the street.

But to send him off properly, The Mirror has concocted a Separated at Birth to end all SAB’s. Rahn’s in the middle, flanked by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and (at right) a random hipster barrister. There were so many hipster barristers to choose from where Rahn is considered – he pretty much looks like them all. But short of doing “25 Hipster Barristers Who Could Pass For Will Rahn” this one does the trick.

We’re dubbing this one “Willip Seymour Hoffman.”




*Relax, Will, this is just a joke.