Evacuation Slide Opens Up Mid-Flight

Aldana Fourcade Contributor
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An evacuation slide inflated midflight on a United Airlines airplane Sunday night, NBC Los Angeles reports.

The plane, which was headed to California from Chicago, made an emergency landing in Kansas.

As the slide inflated, it filled up the back cabin. Flight attendants rushed to the back of the plane. Every passenger was seated at the time. According to United Airlines officials, no one on the flight was injured.

The malfunction that caused the inflation has yet to be discovered.

When asked about the investigation, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration, Elizabeth Cory, said agency investigators were at the scene in Wichita, but the investigation would take weeks, according to NBC Los Angeles. She did not have further information.

The airline provided passengers with a hotel for the night and an early trip to California on Monday morning, said Christen David, a United Airlines spokesperson.

Passengers express their confusion and fright on Twitter. Taylor Martinez, a football quarterback who played for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, posted pictures.

This is not the first time an evacuation slide has opened midflight. Last November, a Jet Blue flight had to make an emergency landing for the same reason. One flight attendant had suffered minor injuries.