Janet Yellen’s Security Detail Infuriates Gated Community

Justin Smith Contributor
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Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s security detail has ruined the calm and sanctity of her new neighborhood, according to unhappy and rather displeased neighbors.

Hillandale, a gated community in Georgetown where house prices exceed $3 million, has always prided itself on its picturesque neighborhood. The community is governed by a 50 page rulebook banning fences, motorcycles, certain house colors, and excess dogs and cats. Resident Sallie Forman said “People come to live in Hillandale because of the quality of our residential community.”

That is now being threatened with the arrival of Yellen. According to neighbors, her security detail regularly speeds through the streets and has established an “armed camp” in front of her home. “We have this group, overweight, wearing the most ridiculous blue uniforms with the most ridiculous blue caps, and they have guns that are visible,” complained an anonymous neighbor.

Quakers are one of the groups most upset by the takeover of the neighborhood. The armed and uniformed police presence is “uncomfortable for residents of various religious persuasions” says one neighbor.

One resident doesn’t like the demeanor and unprofessionalism of Yellen’s detail. The neighbor feels that former FBI Director Bob Mueller, who is also a resident of the community, had a polite and courteous security team, saying “Bob Mueller, who you would think would have a much more dangerous job dealing with terrorists all over the world, had people who were businesslike, didn’t socialize and waited for him outside the gate.”

Residents also feel that even though there is more security with Yellen’s presence, they won’t be any safer. “These characters are only here for Janet Yellen. They’re not going to be distracted by robbers, rapists, or any other thing. Besides, these guys couldn’t catch a thief if their lives depended on it,” said one neighbor.

Neighbors are taking extreme measures to ensure Yellen’s security detail changes their ways. They are looking to contract the FBI and other consultants to evaluate the excessive security, which they say comes at “enormous government cost to taxpayers.”

The Federal Reserve has refused to comment on the cost of the security team, however Federal Reserve spokeswoman Michelle Smith did attempt to address the numerous complaints of Hillandale residents. “We have worked closely with the homeowners’ association to respond to the concerns of some neighbors and will continue to do so.”