This Is How Much Nicki Minaj Hates TMZ [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Nicki Minaj decided the other day she would literally rather die than end up on TMZ.

In her acceptance speech for best female hip hop artist at the BET awards Sunday night, Minaj revealed she chose not to call an ambulance a few days ago, even though she thought she was going to die, because she didn’t want to end up on TMZ.

She survived — phew — and now she’s explaining herself:

“I really thought I was about to die. Like I was saying my prayers to die. And I didn’t even wanna call the ambulance because I thought, well, if I call the ambulance, it’s gonna be on TMZ. And I would rather sit there and die … and it made me realize, I don’t care anymore what anybody gotta say. I’ma do me, I’ma do me.”

Minaj also wants the world to know she writes everything she raps.


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