Former NASA Engineer Building Giant Car-Juggling Robot

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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A former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer wants to build a 70-foot-tall diesel-powered robot that capable of juggling cars like softballs, according to Gizmodo.


Dan Granett and his team are looking to raise about $2.3 million to build the BugJuggler, which will copy the complicated hand-eye coordinated motions of a human operator situated inside the robot’s head and hooked up to a feedback suit — similar in concept to imagined futuristic sci-fi technology.

The robot will also be capable of operating autonomously via “machine-vision control,” according to the group’s website, and its “juggling balls” will consist of Volkswagen Beetles.

Before constructing the enormous machine for “robotic entertainment,” the team must first complete its human-sized proof of concept demonstrated below, which Granett estimates will cost $30,000 and take two months to build.


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