Former NYPD Officer’s Conviction Of Conspiracy To Eat His Wife Overturned On Appeal

Seth Richardson | Contributor

A former NYPD officer who allegedly planned to kidnap, kill and cook young women had his conviction overturned on appeal, The Associated Press reports.

Gilberto Valle was convicted in March 2013 when a jury determined he wasn’t just fantasizing while discussing with others online about cooking and eating his wife and other women.

But a judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to prove he actually intended to carry out the plot.

“Gil Valle is innocent of any conspiracy,” Valle’s defense attorney Julia Gatto said in a statement. “Gil is guilty of nothing more than having unconventional thoughts. But we don’t convict people, take away their liberty and imprison them for their thoughts.”

Valle is still on the hook for using a law enforcement database to look up potential targets, the key point of evidence used in his arrest.

Incidentally, Valle has been working as a cook during his 18 months in prison. He is expected to be released later Tuesday.

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