Laura Ingraham: Feminist Outrage Over Hobby Lobby Is A ‘Cynical Game’

Hannah Bleau Contributor
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Laura Ingraham says the feminist outrage to the Hobby Lobby victory is nothing but a “cynical game.”

On a Tuesday morning appearance on Fox and Friends, Ingraham slammed the progressive’s manufactured outrage and ‘war on women’ battle cries.  She says they need to be called out for their blatant disregard for Constitutional rights.

“They believe that the right to abort or use abortifacient drugs or whatever contraceptive is the favorite of the day, that that right trumps every other right in the Constitution,” Ingraham said. “The Constitution, frankly, itself is an antiquated little document that needs to give way to the, you know, supreme sagacity of Barack Obama and his minions.”

The Hobby Lobby case has had some feminists reeling, claiming that the decision shows that “women aren’t really people.” Terry O’Neil, President of the National Organization of Women, encompassed the feminist complaints in an interview segment.

“The Southern Baptist convention justified slavery and later Jim Crowe and segregation on religious grounds. There are some religious beliefs that we no longer honor in our government. And the Supreme Court is simply wrong to honor gender bigotry that the Hobby Lobby stores…are promoting. That’s just wrong. It’s bigotry to keep women away from having basic healthcare.”

Ingraham says these battle cries are meaningless, but she remains confident that many Americans see through the smoke and mirrors.

“I think a lot of these women have really bad cases of the vapors over this case and they’re doing so only for political reasons,” Ingraham said in reference to O’Neil’s comments. “I think most people see this, and they say wait a second. OK so these women who decide on their own to work for these closely held public companies– like Hobby Lobby and the few other plaintiffs in this case– that they are now not considered real people because they’re not able to get abortifacient drugs from Hobby Lobby’s insurance when they can go to Planned Parenthood?”

Hobby Lobby covers 16 out of 20 contraceptives, and Ingraham notes that women who desire abortions or abortifacient drugs can easily access them from government funded Planned Parenthood.

“By the way, we as tax payers give Planned Parenthood $500 million a year OK?” Ingraham said. “They can go to Planned Parenthood. They can go anywhere else. They can get their own policy. The government can also pay for it, which is probably what’s going to happen. The idea that there is no way for these women to get the very small class of abortifacient drugs and other contraceptives that Hobby Lobby, on sincere religious grounds, believe violates their religious conscience. It is ridiculous and she knows it, and the left knows it and Hillary knows it. This is a cynical game they’re playing and I think it’s time for common sense thinking Americans to call them out on it. Their agenda has failed women economically. Women are not better off than they were six years ago in the United States of America. They know it, and they’re trying to use this to try to gin up their old Sandra Fluke deal, and I think most people see through it.”

Ingraham says the rhetoric from the left is unwarranted. She says some of the examples– like Hillary Clinton’s comment that people won’t be able to get blood transfusions– is complete nonsense. The Hobby Lobby case was narrowly tailored to closely held corporations, meaning the decision was based on five people owning at least 50 percent of the company.

“Justice Alito said that if the five individuals in the closely held corporation hold more than 51 percent of the company, that’s how they’re going to tailor this case,” Ingraham said. “So in other words, if it’s a Wal-Mart– a big corporation with huge numbers of stock holders– that this case does not apply to that. So that’s a whole other set of challenges for litigants in a religious freedom case. So these are specifically tailored so you could say, look. These five individuals, they own most of the company. Why do they lose their religious rights just because they’re doing commerce in the United States?”

“Women don’t lose any real rights after Hobby Lobby,” Ingraham continued. “It’s just that specific class of abortifacient drugs and other contraceptive devices that Hobby Lobby itself– on religious grounds– does not have to pay for. That’s what this case is about. Any other attempt to spin it otherwise is absolutely ludicrous.”