MacCallum EXPLODES On Beckel: ‘You’re An Apologist!’

Aaron Bandler Contributor
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Fox News host Martha MacCallum went off on Bob Beckel while moderating a debate between the former Democratic campaign manager and National Review Editor Rich Lowry during “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday morning.

The discussion was on the IRS and ObamaCare rollout problems, and MacCallum asserted that these problems stemmed from the government being unable to keep up with technology.

Beckel disagreed.

“There’s a lot of information coming in, a lot of information coming out,” Beckel said. “For the most part it works.”

MacCallum asked Beckel where it works, and Beckel cited the IRS as an example. That’s when MacCallum snapped.

“No, it doesn’t work in the IRS,” MacCallum said. “The IRS just told us that they cannot keep track of their own emails, for God’s sakes!”

Beckel responded by saying that given the size of what the IRS has to process every year, breakdowns were expected. MacCallum vehemently disagreed.

“You’re being apologist!” MacCallum thundered. “Do you hear yourself? You are apologizing! We are the greatest nation in the world and we’re supposed to just go, ‘Oh, stuff happens?'”

Beckel maintained that ObamaCare was working, which led to an argument between Lowry and Beckel over the VA and how to best take care of veterans.

MacCallum suggested that Beckel demand that the system work.

“Say this is an embarrassment,” MacCallum said. “Don’t stand for it!”

Beckel countered by calling the capitalist system an “embarrassment,” ending the segment with a brief back-and-forth between Lowry and Beckel on capitalism.