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Maryland: Multiple Pro-Hunting Bills to Take Effect Today

NRA ILA Contributor
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Today, July 1, multiple pro-hunting laws will go into effect.  As previously reported, Senate Bills 472, 473 and 966 were signed into law on May 15:

Senate Bill 472, sponsored by state Senator George Edwards (R-1) and cosponsored by Senators Christopher Shank (R-2) and Ronald Young (D-3), allows any game bird or game mammal, except migratory game birds and wetland game birds, to be hunted on a Sunday on specified public and private land during the open season for that game bird or game mammal in Allegany, Garrett and Washington Counties.

Senate Bill 473, also sponsored by Senator Edwards and cosponsored by Senators Shank and Young, allows the hunting of deer on specified property from the first Sunday in October through the second Sunday of January in Frederick County.

Senate Bill 966, sponsored by state Senators Roy Dyson (D-29) and Thomas Middleton (D-28), establishes a program in Charles and St. Mary’s Counties to train rifle shooters to hunt deer for the purpose of controlling the deer population in those counties.

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