Soccer Fan Gets His Earlobe Bitten Off At World Cup [VIDEO]

Brett Gering Contributor

Soccer Fans Are 32 Flavors of Crazy: Chapter 427.

If you plan on attending a Uruguay match at any point in the near future, invest in two things: a pair of bite sleeves and a jersey large enough to guard your vitals with duct-taped phonebooks.

The country’s athletic demigod, Luis Suarez, recently grabbed headlines for his third Walking Dead relapse, biting Giorgio Chiellini prior to playing the victim via a teeth-holding flop (because, you know, soccer).

In turn, he received a four-month ban. However, days before the now-infamous incident, England’s fans turned on each other at some point throughout the squad’s loss to Uruguay, ultimately embracing their inner Suarez and going from zero to Cujo in record time.


Per the Sunday People’s Stan Collymore, one England loyalist attacked a neighboring supporter, spewing racially charged taunts and eventually biting the fan’s left earlobe off.

According to Mirror Online, the assailant told the victim, Robert Farquharson, “You shouldn’t be supporting England.”

By default, 90 percent of people would’ve yelped and curled into the fetal position. Another nine percent would’ve let out a “they may take our lobes, but they’ll never take…our freedom!”-like battle cry and returned fire with red-eyed rage.

Farquharson simply bandaged the wound, donned his country’s cape and cracked a smile.

Respect this man.


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