This Texas Barber Will Shave Your Favorite World Cup Player On Top Of Your Head

Jane Bartlett Pappas | Contributor

Some 2014 World Cup fans are taking their support of the game to a whole other level–on top of their heads.

According to TIME, San Antonio barber Rob Ferrel has been mastering the art of sketching portraits of familiar faces on people’s heads for eight years. He looks at black and white photos in order to perfect the shading of the intended portrait. “I do add a little eye liner or lip liner for color. Black eyeliner makes the image pop,” Ferrel said.

He said that players on the Mexico and United States teams have been the most popular hair-style choice of his customers.

Ferrel said that sketching the portrait on the roundness of people’s heads is the toughest part of the haircut. “It’s like trying to draw on a baseball. Like a puzzle, I start working on one section, and then I start adding pieces to it.”

Check out the barber’s impressive work in the pictures below. In these, Ferrel draws Argentine player Lionel Messi on a customer’s head.

Ferrel cuts the likeness of Messi on the head of customer Hernandez at his barbershop in San Antonio
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
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