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A Glitzy Selfie Contest Fit For A Certain BuzzFeed Reporter

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Can we possibly think of anyone in our Washington media midst who would take the most embarrassing selfie possible, enter himself in a Regal Cinemas/Tostitos contest and be flown out to Hollywood?

And no, I’m not referring to dick shots. More like goofy smiling and up close teeth shots with politicians. [RELATED: BuzzFeed Reporter May Get Swallowed By A Selfie]

“The contest is encouraging people to post or hashtag the cheesiest selfie they can come up with,” explained Rachel Anderson of Kindling Media in an email to The Mirror. “The winner gets flown to Hollywood for a weekend of royal treatment.” The prize is a four-day V.I.P. trip to Hollywood that includes first class air travel, hotel accommodations, ground transportation to locations decided by the sponsor, a compact camera (for more selfies, of course) and a $10,000 pre-paid card for “miscellaneous expenses.”

An explanation from materials promoting the contest: “Let’s face it—we all love cheese and we all take selfies, so why not get some cheddar for it? … To enter via Twitter or Instagram just make sure to hashtag your photo with #RegalCheesieEntry and then come back here to claim your photo and be eligible to win. Remember, try to pack as much cheese in your photo as possible and get your friends to cheese it up too.”

Anderson doesn’t even care if the selfie actually wins. They just want a pool of pictures for amusement purposes. Who can blame them? “I thought this use of social for a contest might be of interest to your readers and at the very least I’m sure some of the entries to come will entertain us all,” she wrote. [RELATED: Beware Of The Increasingly Lethal Selfie]

Come on, Benny Johnson of BuzzFeed‘s Washington Bureau. This has your cheeks all over it.

(On his face, of course.)

Submit your entry here. The contest closes on Aug. 11 just before midnight. The above entry is “Dennis” from Las Vegas. (Sigh.)