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If You’re Reading This, Chances Are You’re Not Funny

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Everybody knows that liberals are the only ones with a sense of humor. Especially about themselves! It’s those slope-browed, dimwitted conservatives who aren’t funny, because they’re not funny, because they are not funny.

Which is why I enjoyed this Raw Story post so much:


Get it? Jesse Watters isn’t funny because he said things they didn’t like, and then he mocked them for their reactions. What’s humorous about that? No wonder they kicked him out for disagreeing with them.

But it gets even better. Here’s what happened when I tried to correct a commenter’s error of fact:


Ha ha ha! Get it? Because liberals are have no self-awareness about their own authoritarianism and humorlessness! Great stuff.

Liberals, feminists, and all our other moral, ethical, and intellectual betters are funnier than we are. Now SHUT UP about it.