Oculus Rift Mod Lets You View Your Life In Third Person

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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A new Oculus Rift virtual reality modification does more than just put you inside a virtual world — it lets you watch yourself in it.

The virtual out-of-body experience gives users a video game-esque third-person perspective of their interactions with the world around them. According to the Polish development team, “you” are the character in this real-life video game.


The setup uses a microcontroller, computer and two backpack-mounted GoPro cameras, controlled via a joystick to give the user an adjustable, real-time mobile view of the world that can be experienced anywhere.

“This wearable can enhance human visual performance for use in real world applications, where extended vision benefits the user,” development team member Bartosz Barlowski told 3DPrint.

The team assembled the mod in two days as a submission to Intel’s “Make It Wearable” contest, which will award 10 finalists $50,000 and one grand prize winner $500,000.

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