Japanese Politician Screams And Sobs Because He Can’t Handle The Press [VIDEO]

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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To deflect from getting grilled by the press, a Japanese politician bawled like a baby while apologizing for spending $30,000 of taxpayer’s money for nearly 200 visits he made to various hot spring resorts.

At a three-hour press conference on Monday, Japanese assemblyman Ryutaro Nonomura was caught on camera crying hysterically and incoherently about his illegal spending of taxpayer money on trips to spas. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 47-year-old Nonomura admitted to making the trips, but was unable to produce receipts.

But it wasn’t until after the media grilled the man about who he was meeting on the trips, that Nonomura became inconsolably theatrical. According to the report, the hysterical man refused to say who he was meeting, claiming he promised the person that they wouldn’t be named. Nonomura then told the press that he couldn’t recall how he got to one of the resorts — even though he visited 106 times. (RELATED: Hilarious Family’s Christmas Card Video Goes Viral)

“Whoever you voted for, it was always the same…. I decided to become a political candidate….this Japan…this Japan,” Nonomura said according to the Reporter. “I just wanted to change the world…the aging of society…it’s not just a problem of our prefecture…it’s a problem for the Japanese people…I’ve staked my life…you just don’t understand, do you?”