Mark Halperin Makes BOLD Prediction About Who Could Challenge Hillary In 2016 [VIDEO]

Hayley Hoefer Contributor
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Mark Halperin, the senior political analyst for “Time” magazine, appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday and boldly reiterated his Wednesday Twitter assertion that Al Gore — the same Al Gore who served as Bill Clinton’s vice president — poses the greatest threat to Hillary Clinton’s White House aspirations. Still, he stopped short of saying Gore would run in the Democratic primary.

“I don’t know that Al Gore will run against her, but I do know that of all the other people who’ve talked about running against her, I don’t think anybody has his strengths. And I think Al Gore would like to be president. And I think that if he decided to do it, it would be a matchup worth running,” Halperin explained.

“I think he’s got a better chance of beating her in a primary, today, than any Republican does in the general election,” Halperin continued.

When asked if he was merely stirring the plot with his political musings, Halperin replied, “No one is telling me he is looking at it.”

However, he did not retract his prediction of a Gore victory over Hillary in the Democratic primary.

“There is a vacuum. Gore is more of a populist than she is. He is more liberal than she is on a lot of issues important to the party,” Halperin said, before restating that he thinks Republicans lack a real challenger to Hillary.

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