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Male reporter not into tight pants 

“I am not on board with this tighter pants trend for dudes.” — WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza, referring to this story by his colleague Robin Givhan on how tight pants for men keep shrinking. She calls it “aggressively tailored pants.”

Travel Bitches 

“Sitting on the runway at dca – always a great way to spend your time. Could be a while. Inner zen hard to find.” — BBC’s Katty Kay.

“Dear @SouthwestAir please hold the plane from St. Louis to Phoenix so we can make it home!!” Later on… “So….anyone in St. Louis wanna hang out with us tonight?” — Politico‘s Hadas Gold.

On fast food and gay pride 

“Burger King selling the ‘Gay Pride’ Whopper? What next? Lesbian Week at Taco Bell?” — conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain. McCain’s reacting to this story in USA Today.

Life wisdom 

“When u sign up for Twitter there should be a box that u must agree 2 that says ‘One day u’ll Tweet something that’ll cost u everything, ok?'” — BuzzFeed‘s Samir Mezrahi.

Oscar Pistorius’s split personality 

“Although he loathes to be pitied in any way, the hard truth is that he does not have lower legs. You’ve got a paradox,” he said, “Of an individual who is supremely able and an individual who is significantly disabled.” — Wayne Derman, chief medical officer of the South African Paralympic Team at the London Olympic Games in 2012, in a story for Agence France-Press.

What’s good for the goose… pays for stories, like Daily Mail, TMZ, ABC, NBC, Oprah. So what? #mssen” — Got NewsCharles Johnson.

Glass half full

“Loving the local craft beer at Nats Park – Port City, Mad Fox, DC Brau and 3 Stars – god I love this place.” — FNC Senate producer Kara Rowland.

“It’s nice to know that even during the darkest of days, my closest friends always have my back #sappytweet” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.

A bold interpretation of hypothetical history?

“Trust the judgement of @repjohnlewis when he observes that: ‘If the Civil Rights Act was before the Congress today, it would not pass.'” — John Nichols, writer for The Nation.


PRE-TV HIT SELFIE: “Getting ready for @CNN this am with @mollyesque” — Politico‘s Maggie Haberman.

Weather poetry: “The sunset over New York City this evening is an astonishing amalgam of yellow and orange through ominous storm clouds #nature” — former “prominent blogger” and campaign advisor Peter Daou


“Magnificent sunset over NYC’s Times Square after storm ripped through city.”  — TheBlaze‘ budding weatherman Oliver Darcy.