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The Observer

“Father to Mother: ‘You’re not THAT fat. It’s ok.’ #notacompliment.” — Washington Free Beacon‘s Adam Kredo

Weekend delight

“What a great Sunday: a great church sermon, watching Wimbledon, relaxation by the pool, and about to go for a walk.” — Cox Media’s Kyla Campbell.

Here’s one benefit to Grindr

“Thanks to Grindr I know a boy I hooked up with four years ago who I hate lives forty feet away from me!!! Kill me!!!” — VICE weekend editor in charge of porn, gay stuff and D-list celebs Mitchell Sunderland.

Did Joan Rivers go too far with Tranny crack? 

“Sounds like Joan Rivers jumped the snark today.” — author and sex advice columnist Dan Savage on Joan Rivers recently calling Michelle Obama a “tranny” and President Obama “gay.”

Independence — what’s that? 

“Can’t drive anywhere in DC what kind of independence is that?” — Washington Examiner‘s Asche Schow.

The Observer II: Men adjusting themselves 

“Lots of HD scrotum adjusting from the French soccer team. Thanks, ESPN!” — Jezebel‘s Erin Gloria Ryan.


“I hate ice cream trucks. There, I said it.” — WMAL morning host Larry O’Connor.

And there’s this madness…

“The South Dakota bloggers trying to smear me for being “fired from Brietbart” ignore the fact I’m the one who publicized it for weeks.” — ex-Breitbart News reporter Lee Stranahan, who was fired by Breitbart “Texas Bureau” Chief Brandon Darby back in March.

Glass half empty

“I feel as though today’s going to be just as slow of a news day as last Thursday.” — Rachel Gantz, biofuels reporter for OPIS.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 8.32.47 AM

D.C. ISN’T ALWAYS BORING: “Terrifying Bolivian dancers at Palisades Parade.” — Kenny Day, sales director, Mid-Atlantic at BrightRoll and formerly a contributor to FishbowlDC.