Netflix Wants To Hire Someone To Watch Netflix [VIDEO]

Lauren Eissler Contributor
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Binge-watching Netflix can now make you money.

Netflix is searching for a UK/Ireland based tagger. This job, according to Netflix’s job post, would include watching Netflix and analyzing the shows and movies.

The tagger would describe the media using “objective tags.” Tagging is part of the Netflix recommendation system, and it works with Netflix’s algorithms to give users their personal suggestions.

In addition to binge-watching, this tagger may also acts as a cultural consultant by “highlighting cultural specificities and taste preferences.”

But Netflix isn’t looking for just any couch potato passionate about movies and TV shows. It’s specifically looking for someone who has the knowledge to supplement the passion, with either degrees in film or film history or previous experience working in screenwriting, directing or filmmaking. Applicants who have a background as a critic or developer would also do well in the job.

The only question: does this job come with a popcorn and junk food budget?


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