Report: LeBron James Heading Back To Cleveland

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Sources close to the process believe that the newly free agent LeBron James is highly considering leaving the Miami Heat and returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James’ agent, Rich Paul, has already met with Cleveland’s owner Dan Gilbert in order to mend the relationship between James and Gilbert after James’ departure from the Cavaliers in 2010, according to ESPN.

However, James is still keeping his options open. James is scheduled to meet with Miami Heat head coach Pat Riley one day this week to discuss the future of Miami’s team, which Miami hopes includes James.

The sources say that the Cavaliers hope to persuade James to return to Cleveland by showcasing their bright future, which includes fresh, young players including guard Kyle Irving and No. 1 overall draft pick Andrew Wiggins.

Some believe that the rocky relationship between LeBron and Cleveland will factor in on James’s decision, especially after Gilbert’s public letter that criticized James’s character after his departure from Cleveland.

Another important factor is the Cavaliers lack of cap space for the high $20.7 million maximum contract James is seeking. If James decides to return to his home state of Ohio, then the Cavaliers will have to rethink other players’ contracts in order to afford LeBron.

Many believe the James rumors to be true. ESPN Sportswriter Chris Broussard tweeted his opinion: